Artist: Jon Zaremba
Album: Promontory
Catalog: XLZACD009

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1. Mark Oberheim
2. Korg Crumar
3. Joshua Day (Part 01)
4. Joshua Day (Part 02)
5. Joshua Day (Part 03)

6. Jon Zaremba
7. Joshua Day (Instrumental Version Part 01)
8. Joshua Day (Instrumental Version Part 02)
9. Joshua Day (Instrumental Version Part 03)

Avant Garde Musical Mastermind, Jon Zaremba returns, bringing us his Magnum Opus, "PROMONTORY". This special 2-disc conceptual work speaks to the struggle of a human caught between two immortal opposing forces...The choice between introverted peace and extroverted destruction...And the will to remain conscious when faced with an endless ever-devolving froth of persistently slow-moving death...

An epic narrative done in the style of a classic audiobook set to music, or a late-night Old Time Radio program, Jon's original Heroic Weird Fiction drama is wonderfully executed over a backdrop of unique electronic wizardry ranging from ambient, gut-wrenching and somber to melodic and triumphant, all leading into his signature brand of synth-metal madness! Fans of Classic Horror scores and retro video game music will delight in this ultra-decadent, savage masterpiece! Here are a few words from the Maestro himself, written before the production of the album:

"PROMONTORY will take me back to basics. I've been re-collecting vintage hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and effects units to rebuild my old fashioned studio. Although, the album will be sequenced on a computer, it will be recorded live on a single stereo track. I will not employ any VST or virtual instruments. Production begins with the writing of the story. Once finalized, the narration of the story will be recorded. As soon as the cadence of the narrative performance is solidified, composition will begin. The words shall be scored. Their meaning expressed in music. Do not expect an elaborate mix. PROMONTORY will be primitive in sound. There will be hiss and hum...a healthy noise floor. I will not sacrifice spontaneity to sonic scrutiny."

Primitive indeed! Follow Joshua Day and Mark Oberheim as they slay their way through an undead horde of ever-consuming wretchedness... Let the Righteous Slaughter begin!

Promontory features guest vocals and narrations by Matthew Knight of ETERNAL WINTER, playing the role of Mark Oberheim. The album features extensive liner notes including a full print version of the concept story in its entirety. Cover artwork by Louis Braquet.

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