Artist: Various
Album: Bloodmist at Dawn: A Heavy Metal Companion to the BARBARIAN CROWNS Anthology
Catalog: MMR-002

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1. CAULDRON BORN - The Temple of Abomination
2. CAULDRON BORN - In Fate’s Eye a King
3. ETERNAL WINTER - Within The Castle Shadowgate
4. ETERNAL WINTER - Leviathan’s Wrath
5. SOLITARY SABRED - Burn Magic, Black Magic
6. SOLITARY SABRED - Revelation
7. BAL-SAGOTH - The Obsidian Crown Unbound
8. BAL-SAGOTH - Draconis Albionensis
9. BATTLEROAR - The Tower of the Elephant
10. BATTLEROAR - The Sword of Crom
An epic compilation of Sword and Sorcery Metal Madness! This CD features bands of authors that contributed to the BARBARIAN CROWNS anthology - CAULDRON BORN, ETERNAL WINTER, BAL-SAGOTH, SOLITARY SABRED, and BATTLEROAR. No other compilation slays like BLOODMIST AT DAWN!