Artist: Various
Album: Barbarian Crowns (Book)
Catalog: Book

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Byron Roberts
Justyna Plichta-Jendzio
Scott Rinehart
Petros M. Leptos
Howie K. Bentley
Teel James Glenn
Mark Slade
E.S. Wynn
Matthew Knight
Karlton B. Douglas
Mark Sims
Kevin Henry
David S. Pointer
Antonis J.K. Katsaros
Ashley Dioses
Ashley L. Hunt
E. Romi Frost
Thomas Cunningham
Available now through Horrified Press and Majestic Metal Records, BARBARIAN CROWNS, a Sword & Sorcery anthology featuring stories by various authors including Matthew Knight of ETERNAL WINTER Byron A. Roberts of BAL-SAGOTH, and Howie K. Bentley of CAULDRON BORN. Other well-known authors such as Richard L. Tierney, Steve Perry and others make an appearance as well.

The book contains 3 stories by Matthew Knight, directly linked to the ETERNAL WINTER Mythos- THE CULT OF AEVANAH, THE CHAMBER OF LUSTS and GAZRAELLE IN THE SHADOWGATE. *222 Pages.