Artist: Haunted Abbey Mythos
Album: The Beast of Averoigne
Catalog: MMR-004

$8.99 USD Plus Shipping

1. The Beast of Averoigne Pt. I.
2. Terror in the Moonless Woods
3. The Beast of Averoigne Pt. II.
4. Interrogation of the Demon-Ring
5. The Beast of Averoigne Pt. III.
6. Perigon Bedeviled
7. The Beast of Averoigne Pt. IV.
8. Theophile’s Martyrdom
9. The Beast of Averoigne Pt. V.
10. Evil of the Stars
Experience the Terror! This debut release by Haunted Abbey Mythos is a theatrical, musical, audiobook presentation of Clark Ashton Smith’s Weird Fiction masterpiece, "The Beast of Averoigne".

The work consists of a dramatic narration read by Matthew Knight of Eternal Winter, set to a backdrop of eerie soundscapes scored by avant garde electronic musician, Jon Zaremba, and contains 5 unique interlude pieces by Knight, which range from ambient synth-driven, to darkly Romantic.

CD includes 12-panel booklet, featuring elaborate artwork and an extensive fold-out map of Averoigne.